Welcome to Dogs Taiwan I hope this will be a place for people in Taiwan to exchange information about dogs, dog activities and other dog stuff.
Let us all share our knowledge about the best places to get quality services such as dog grooming, training or veterinary services and the best places along with the best prices to get good dog stuff and of course the places to avoid.

I am also always looking for Taiwan dog web site that are in English. I you know of one please drop me an e-mail and I may put it in the Dogs Taiwan web site.

I may be going back to Taiwan this Chinese New Years and would like to have some dog owning friends to hang out with. I would also be interested in doing a behavior clinic while I'm visiting. If you are interested in the behavior clinic please let me know.

The e-mail discussion list
Dogs Taiwan discussion list is the place to tell others in Taiwan about the best dog places in the country.

Dogs Taiwan is designed to be an open discussion of anything and everything pertaining to Taiwanese dog owners, even if you just want to chat about your pooch.

This list is meant for both pet owners and dog professionals alike. Pet ownership, breeding, training, search and rescue dogs, showing, breed specific legislation - if it's dog related, let's talk about it! This is a great place to help other pet owners learn about the best places to buy food or supplies, or who in your area is a good dog doctor, etc., etc.?


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